Deborah is a popular artist who has lived in Portishead for 20 years. She studied Fine Art at Weston College, during which time she developed a love for large-canvas, abstract, expressive sea and landscape paintings.

That appreciation of nature has become a lasting theme in Deborah’s work as she experiments with natural forms, colours and patterns.  She works instinctively, often without a plan other than the technique, allowing serendipity - and gravity - to maximise the element of surprise.

Deborah’s medium of choice is acrylic, which gives her the freedom to create a visual representation of thought and feelings. Her paintings are like a journey in to inner issues - a cathartic, healing expression of strong and sometimes sensitive feelings. She enjoys creating art that demands attention with a visual feast of colour and form.

Working from her home studio, Deborah’s more recent work has focused on the earth from above, drawing inspiration from photographs taken from space. This new technique has been perfected using layers of acrylic media.  

Deborah has exhibited with great success, often selling many works. She is a regular of North Somerset Arts Week and Portishead Arts at the Lido


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